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Loaf of bread, head of lettuce, bottle of nail polish

Swung by my local grocery store today and happened to see a new Sinful Colors display in the pharmacy area! Being the nail polish nut that I am, I picked up two bottles at $2 each:

sinful colors - cloud 9, innocent

The orange polish is Cloud 9 and the green polish is Innocent. I think they must pull names out of a hat.

Please pardon my slightly swollen thumb!

Meanwhile, the nail polish database is still being worked on, and I want to thank all those who have sent in requests to be beta testers! There’s been a lot of excitement in our family life, and I’ve just been slower with the work than I would have liked to be.

I hope it gets sunnier again soon, though, so I can post a few NOTDs. We certainly need some sunshine after all these months of snow and ice!

Two brands added…

…to the nail polish database: La Roche-Posay and Priti NYC.

Still working on the it….

Essie – Go Overboard

Collection: 2012, Go Overboard (Spring)

I’ve always been a lover of teal, and I adore cream finishes, so it was a no-brainer to pick up Go Overboard. It’s a deep, deep teal blue (more blue than green) cream. It’s not a blackened teal, so it manages to still look teal in dim light, which I really like.

The formula was pretty nice and I only needed two coats for full opacity and evenness.

I just want to mention that I will be holding off on swatches for the next few weeks, as I really want to get the personal organizer part of the nail polish database up and running! I really need to get my polishes all sorted – after all, it’s a bit late now spring cleaning…

Essie - Go Overboard

Essie – First Timer

Collection: 2013, Resort (Spring)

If Avon’s Jade is a light, slightly pistachio-ed Paris Green, First Timer is like a candied, minted, properly toxic Paris Green. It’s a super vivid and cheerful color in bright sunlight. Honestly, I feel it’s a little distracting on my fingertips, haha! Definitely a pedi shade for me. Those who like it loud will love this.

The formula was a little thick and creamy, reminiscent of a neon/pastel formula even though this is not quite either one. I did find three thin coats were needed, as it streaked a bit.

Essie - First Timer

Prop Shot: Essie & Botkier Aldyn

Essie + Botkier Aldyn

(Click for larger photo.)

Polish: Essie — Using My Middle Name

Bag: Botkier Aldyn small bag — Purple Blue


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