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Sinful Colors – Innocent and Cloud 9

Sinful Colors recently showed up at my local grocery, so I picked up two shades, Innocent and Cloud 9. They conveniently happen to work well for Halloween, so I’ve swatched them now.

I just want to say that I really have no idea what the thinking is behind Sinful’s naming, here. Innocent is a bright wasabi green creme. Cloud 9 is a bright orange sheer shimmer. I guess I can kind of see innocence being linked with spring green and rebirth, and bliss being linked with a happy orange…haha!

Innocent is a fantastic wasabi green cream, and it applied beautifully in two coats. For $1.99, I am super pleased!

Sinful Colors (Nail Polish) - Innocent

Cloud 9 is a sheer shimmer, and it required 4 coats for decent, even coverage. It works better as a top coat (and just for kicks, I tried it over Innocent for a rather disgusting look, which I guess is all right for Halloween!).

Sinful Colors (Nail Polish) - Cloud 9

Eeeek! Cloud 9 over Innocent
Sinful Colors (Nail Polish) - Cloud 9 over Innocent

Happy Halloween!!!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish, 0.5 fl. oz. / 15 mL. MSRP $1.99 US/CA. These are made in the USA and are free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

China Glaze — Life Preserver

Collection: 2011, Anchors Away (Spring)

If Papaya Punch is like the inside of a persimmon, China Glaze Life Preserver is a bit like the outside of one. I guess there are some life preservers that are a dull reddish-orange (perhaps faded by the sun), but I usually associate them with bright red or bright orange, so I’m more inclined to describe this polish color as terracotta.

I don’t think I have another shade like this, as I usually shy away from them. They always seem a little musty, don’t they? I think it’s the greyed tone that seems off in a red-orange. I must say, though, that China Glaze has done a great job with this terracotta cream. It’s surprisingly flattering and I don’t think it looks old fashioned at all. It’s a keeper for me! Application was very nice with this color: two coats was perfect.

And, as tomorrow is Halloween, I’d say this is a nice, conservative option if pumpkin oranges aren’t really your thing.

China Glaze (Nail Lacquer) - Life Preserver

China Glaze Nail Lacquer, 0.5 fl. oz. / 14 mL. MSRP $7.50 US. China Glaze nail lacquers are free of dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene and added formaldehyde.

China Glaze — Papaya Punch

Collection: 2011, Island Escape (Summer)

Here’s a fun orange from China Glaze.

Papaya Punch is maybe a little less like the inside of a papaya, and more like the inside of a persimmon. It’s a light carrot orange cream with a touch of pastel about it. It’s bright, happy and one of the cuter oranges I have. However, application was a little tricky (the way pastels have a tendency to be streaky) and it required three coats for full, even coverage.

China Glaze (Nail Lacquer) - Papaya Punch

China Glaze Nail Lacquer, 0.5 fl. oz. / 14 mL. MSRP $7.50 US. China Glaze nail lacquers are free of dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene and added formaldehyde.

Contest: Zoya’s Halloween 2014 Color Laboratory

Zoya, one of my favorite nail polish brands, is celebrating Halloween with a Color Laboratory. On Halloween, they’ll pick a winner and “animate” it!

I’ve submitted “Wilhelmina” (Cursed by Dracula, Mina is a pink-cheeked carnation red teeming with blackened crimson glitter).
Zoya - Wilhelmina (contest submission)

What have you frankened up? Cheers to Zoya for running such a fun contest! (Although it’s US-only.)

Park Avenue (Nail Polish) – Persian Green

Park Avenue nail polish recently showed up at my favorite online drugstore. I’d never heard of the brand before, and after a quick Google, I found that it appears to be a Belgian cosmetic brand sold “exclusively” at a Belgian store, Di. I guess it’s not that exclusive to Di anymore, now that I can get it in Canada.

A quick browse through Park Avenue’s swatches led me to pick a pretty dark green polish.

Persian Green is a deep, rich, jewel-toned teal with fine teal, plus a little sprinkling of blue and violet, shimmer. Application wasn’t great: the formula is a little too liquidy, and it seemed like the polish wasn’t going on well. However, after a generous second coat, the polish looked really great: smooth, even, and it even dried to a very glossy finish. I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome, and I’d repurchase this polish in a unique shade.

Park Avenue (Nail Polish) - Persian Green

Park Avenue Nail Polish, 9 mL. MSRP $5.99 CA. Despite being a Belgian brand, the nail polish is made in France.


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