Essie — Nail Polish — Bikini So Teeny

Collection: Essie Summer 2012, Bikini So Teeny

I was inspired to get this springy/summery polish after The Beautified Blogger posted her swatch recently!

Essie calls Bikini So Teeny (800) “a sparkling, cornflower blue”. It’s certainly a very pretty, soft shade of pastel cornflower, but the “sparkling” part is overstating it! There is some fine silver sparkle in this polish, but it’s really subtle, a bit sparse, and can be difficult to see.

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Sale Alert: Murale by Shoppers Drug Mart $30 Splurge Card (Canada Only, July 30–August 2, 2015)

From July 30 through August 2 at Murale, receive a $30 Splurge Card if you spend $100. Please note that if you receive the card in-store, you can only use the card in-store; if you receive the card online, you can only use the card online. (I think that’s rather stupid, but what can you do.)

Murale is Canada-based Shoppers Drug Mart’s premier beauty store.

Offer valid July 30 at 12 am EST – Aug 2 11:59 pm EST in store and online on the purchase total of eligible products after discounts and redemptions and before taxes. Upon in store purchase, receive a $30 Gift Card for use in store only. Upon online purchase, receive a $30 Coupon Code for use online only. Gift Card and Coupon Code valid Aug 3 – 23, 2015 . Online coupon code issued once order is shipped. Not to be used in conjunction with any other points promotions or offers. One Beauty Splurge card or Coupon Code per customer, per transaction.

Murale carries brands like Anna Sui, BeautyBlender, BeneFit, Bobbi Brown, Cargo, Clarins, Clinique, Deborah Lippmann, Estée Lauder, L’Occitane, NARS, Nuxe, Quo, Shiseido, Smashbox, and Stila, plus a variety of designer fragrances.


Throwback Thursday! L’Oréal — Jet-Set Quick Dry Nail Enamel — Seascape (316)

Brand: L’Oréal

Look how beat up this bottle is. This is old school, friends!

Remember when all L’Oréal polishes came in this shape of bottle? They looked like this from when I was in grade school all the way through college. It is such a bizarre shape, topped only by the obnoxiously bulbous Nicole by OPI bottles. Eventually, L’Oréal introduced new Jet-Set polishes in these bottles, and those Bijou polishes in little bottles. Finally, they settled on the current Colour Riche polishes in their lovely little Essie-like square bottles (any coincidence that L’Oréal bought Essie around that time, in 2010?).

You’ll notice that the cap is the same style as the classic L’Oréal lipstick tube, as well. That weird, rounded squashed square. I hate that shape. I hate that packaging so, so much, and yet L’Oréal keeps it around.

I also hate quick-dry nail polishes. They almost always suck.

So is there anything I like about this polish? Well, it’s a pastel turquoise with blue shimmer, so yes!

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International Lipstick Day

International Lipstick Day (July 29)

One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Stashmatters, enlightened me to the fact that today, July 29, is International Lipstick Day! Why? Who cares?

(By the way, do go check out Stashmatters’ lipstick posts. She has the most amazing stash!)

To celebrate the day, here is a compilation of my lipstick posts:

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Chanel — Le Vernis Nail Colour — Expression (Fall 2014)

Collection: Chanel Fall 2014, Rouge Allure

Chanel Rouge Allure Collection, Fall 2014

Chanel’s Rouge Allure collection from Fall 2014 included three nail colors: Exception (brown cream), Expression (red cream), and Intention (beige shimmer). Of course I chose the red cream!

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Haulage! Zoya Color Cubes in Beat the Heat, Blowing Bubbles, & Very Berry

During the most recent Zoya sale (3 Color Cubes for US$25), I ordered three Color Cubes—that’s 6 full-sized Zoyas in total!

I was delighted to discover that they arrived on Monday, meaning that it took a mere 9 days for me to receive my order in Canada! It usually takes several weeks! Then I checked the shipping label and saw that Zoya shipped my package via Canada Post from Burlington, ON. That means, as far as I can tell, that there’s no risk of duties, either. Their international shipping fee for me in Ontario is $8.25, but that’s well worth it when they are running a sale plus free shipping. Hooray for Zoya!

Even with the horrible CA-US exchange right now, this deal still worked out to under CA$7 per polish. If you’re in Canada, you’re lucky if you can find a poor selection of Zoya at Winners for $6.99, then plus tax that’s nearly $8 (depending on what your sales tax rate is, of course).

So, here’s the damage:

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Creative Blogger Award 3: Creative, Stupid, Love

Creative Blogger Award

BePositiveYaroon recently nominated me for another Creative Blogger Award. She makes cool and funky earrings, plus she posts some great nail art!

Creative Blogger Award Rules

  • Nominate 15–20 blogs and notify the nominees.
  • Post the link of the blog that nominated you.
  • Share five random facts about yourself.

Five Facts About Me


My favorite color used to be red, but I’m not so sure anymore. I’ve been gravitating to blues and teals a lot! I wonder if that says anything about me.

A Perfect Red, by Amy Butler Greenfield
A fantastic read for those who like a bit of history. Image:

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